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Evaluation of Nordic World Heritage Foundation (2008-2013)

Rapporten tilhører rapportseriene Rapport.

The Agreement states thatUNESCO shall carry out an external evaluation ofNWHF’s activities, and that the Government can carry out its own evaluation. MoE and UNESCO have initiated this evaluation in cooperation, to serve as an evaluation in accordance with the Agreement and to provide insights into the outputs and impacts of the use of Norwegian funds. The objective of the evaluation is to 1. Assess to what extent NWHF is attaining the Contractual functions and objectives as defined in Article 7 of the Agreement. 2. Assess the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the present grant to the NWHF and the organizational and management ability of NWHF. 3. Serve as an evaluation that should be used at a base for decisions on the agreement between UNESCO and the Government of Norway and future direction of the grant.

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  1. Evalueringsrapporten (pdf, 7.1MB)

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