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Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation with Afghanistan 2001-2011

Rapporten tilhører rapportseriene Evalueringsrapport.

The object of this evaluation is all direct bilateral and multilateral development cooperation assistance from Norway to Afghanistan during the period 2001-2011, consisting of more than 800 agreements. The evaluation analyses the Norwegian foreign policy including the linkages to development and humanitarian policy against the background of the political, socio-economic and security developments in Afghanistan during the evaluation period. The military policy and interventions were only addressed in direct relation to the foreign policy. A representative selection was made of the interventions to be analysed in more detail covering the most important sectors and themes for Norwegian assistance (governance, education, community development, gender), the most important channels (the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund- a multi-donor mechanism to support the Afghan government, multilateral programmes by UN agencies and bilateral programmes by NGOs and a series of other actors) and a specific field study in the province of Faryab, for which Norway has developed a comprehensive strategy.

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