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Evaluation of the Norwegian Centres of Excellence (SFF) Funding Scheme: Impact Cases

The Norwegian Centre of Excellence (SFF) scheme’s primary objective has been to increase the scientific impact of Norwegian research. Societal impact has not been an aim for the individual SSF. Still, the RCN expects that positive effects on society may spring from the investments in the centres over time. Acknowledging that the path from research results to societal applications may be long and unpredictable, we do not to expect impact to be found in every centre, and certainly not yet. Due to their short time of operation we have also excluded the latest generation (SFF-IV), which started in 2017, from this part of the evaluation exercise. The RCN invited current and former SFFs to submit case studies that documented some examples of either scientific or societal impact. The invitation was sent in June 2019, and RCN held a workshop in September 2019 to clarify the assignment and to let the SFFs discuss possible cases. RCN has not given feedback on the submitted cases

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