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External review report of the NORGLOBAL/humanitarian policy research activity (HUMPOL) of the Research council of Norway

Review of four ongoing research projects on humanitarian policy funded through HUMPOL, a sub-programme of NORGLOBAL. This is a Norwegian umbrella research programme dealing with various aspects of development issues, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. NORGLOBAL is a programme established for the benefit of various research activities within the issue area of development studies in the Research Council of Norway. HUMPOL – Research on Humanitarian Policy is one such activity with its own programme plan. The HUMPOL programme set out to contribute to strengthen Norwegian research on humanitarian issues and enhance the relevance of research in national and international humanitarian policy debates through the publication of articles in internationally recognised journals, the preparation of policy briefs and fact sheets to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other dissemination activities

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  1. Evalueringsrapporten (pdf, 422.2KB)

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