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Intervention Logic - Evaluation of the introduction of theorybased planning at RCN

This evaluation assesses the introduction of theory-based planning at the Research Council of Norway (RCN). It is primarily intended to help RCN learn from its experience so far about how to derive further benefits from theory-based planning. To do so, it examines the effects of using theory-based planning to date via a mixture of documentary analysis, interviews and a survey of RCN staff.

RCN’s underlying planning practice is based on many years’ experience and tends to produce well researched and argued plans. Theory-based planning was therefore retrofitted to a strong existing planning tradition. The effects of using theory-based planning are naturally most visible in the planning process itself, establishing the desired closer connection between RCN activities and societal needs and effects. This evaluation highlight at the operative level a number of improvements that can be made to planning practice.

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  1. Evalueringsrapporten (pdf, 3.3MB)

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