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Joint Evaluation of Support to Anti-Corruption Efforts : Zambia Country Report

Rapporten tilhører rapportseriene Report - Study.

Donor agencies have increasingly included the fight against corruption in their overall governance agenda. Has the donors’ approach to anti-corruption work been adapted to circumstances in the countries? What are the results of support for combating different types of corruption, including forms that affect poor people and women in particular? These were some of the overarching questions that this evaluation sought to answer. The evaluation provides insights for the debate, drawing on recent evidence from five case countries; Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Viet Nam and Zambia. The main conclusions and recommendations are presented in the synthesis report. In addition, separate reports have been prepared for each of the case countries. The evaluation was managed by the Evaluation Department in Norad, and commissioned together with ADB, Danida, SADEV, Sida and DFID.

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