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Mainstreaming disability in the new development paradigm : evaluation of Norwegian support to promote the rights of persons with disabilities. Uganda country report

Rapporten tilhører rapportseriene Evalueringsrapport.

The country study on Uganda forms part of the Evaluation of the Norwegian Support to Promote the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for the period 2000 to 2010. Uganda is one of four case countries along with Nepal, Malawi and the Palestinian territory. The Norwegian funding has been crucial in influencing the disability policy landscape and practice in Uganda: a vibrant disability movement, particularly the National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda, as well as a successful national Community Based Rehabilitation program. Few indications were found that multilaterals or non-governmental organisations were including disability when working in emergencies and the humanitarian context in Northern Uganda. There are better documented results of the targeted projects than the mainstreamed ones.

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