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Midterm Assessment of MAP (Meso-American Agro-Environmental Program)

Rapporten tilhører rapportseriene Noragric report.

An external assessment mission was commissioned for the mid-term review of the Mesoamerican Agro-Environmental Program (MAP) implemented by the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE). The purpose of the assessment was to provide the Embassies of Norway, Sweden and Finland with an external outlook of the capacity of the program to achieve its goals, and to provide observations, conclusions and recommendations for improvements on specific aspects of the program. Overall, the assessment team views MAP as a relevant framework for addressing the general objectives of promoting sustainable land management, to alleviate rural poverty for the agricultural commodity headings through which the program implements its activities. The specific objectives (which MAP calls results) of the program are adequate in the context in which the programming activities are implemented.

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