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Peer review of the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice - country visited: Norway

Statistics Norway is an independent statistical office backed by a sound statistical law. The organisation has an excellent service culture which delivers high quality products to the satisfaction of users. Staff are proud of their work and proud to work for Statistics Norway. The office is technically advanced, with all products delivered through the Internet, the office being at the forefront of early Internet delivery. Data collection is strongly based on administrative registers. Statistics Norway either largely or fully meets the principles of the Code of Practice. All indicators within the principles of Professional Independence, Mandate for Data Collection, and Statistical Confidentiality are fully meet. This is partly a result of the Statistics Act, but also the culture of the office. There were impressive levels of documentation available to staff and a real willingness to learn across all staff. There is a strong level of international cooperation, especially across the Nordic group of countries, which enhances the quality of work. There is a substantial level of research activity in Statistics Norway. Users commented at the need to carefully balance this work with the principles of impartiality and integrity of the office. The senior management were very conscious of this potential conflict. The major area of improvement required is around the Quality Commitment, however there are strong indications that work is planned here and will be achieved in a short time period.

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