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  1. Local perceptions, participation and accountability in Malawi's health sector
  2. Hunting for Per Diem : The Uses and Abuses of Travel Compensation in Three Developing Countries
  3. Real-Time Evaluation of Norway's International Climate and Forest Initative : Contribution to Measurement, Reporting and Verification
  4. Country Evaluation Brief: Tanzania
  5. Country Evaluation Brief: Mali
  6. Evaluation of the Health Results Innovation Trust Fund
  7. Facing the Resource Curse : Norway's Oil for Development Program : final report
  8. Norway's Trade Related Assistance through Multilateral Organization : A Synthesis Study
  9. Country Evaluation Brief: Somalia
  10. Risk of Combination Effects Between Decabromodiphenyl Ether and Other Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers
  11. Review of Norwegian experiences with the phase-out of dental amalgam use
  12. A Framework for Analysing Participation in Development
  13. Evaluation of Norwegian Multilateral Support to Basic Education
  14. Country Evaluation Brief: Haiti
  15. Country Evaluation Brief: South Sudan
  16. Evaluation of the national research school scheme
  17. From Donors to Partners? : Evaluation of Norwegian support to strengthen Civil Society in Developing Countries through Norwegian Civil Society Organisations.
  18. Real-Time Evaluation of Norway's International Climate and Forest Initative : Synthesising Report 2007-2013
  19. Counrty Evaluation Brief: Myanmar
  20. Unintended Effects in Evaluations of Norwegian Aid : A desk study
  21. Country Evaluation Brief: Afghanistan
  22. Support to Legislatures
  23. The Norway-India Partnership Initiative Phase II: Impact Evaluation of Five Interventions
  24. Country Evaluation Brief: Malawi
  25. Return with Dignity, Return to What? Review of the Voluntary Return Programme to Afghanistan.
  26. Evaluation of Norwegian efforts to ensure policy coherence for development
  27. Evaluation of the national research school scheme
  28. Evaluation of Norwegian Business-related Assistance Main Report
  29. Country Evaluation Brief: Ethiopia
  30. Country Evaluation Brief: Mozambique
  31. Evaluation of organisational aspects of Norwegian aid administration
  32. Counrty Evaluation Brief: Palestine
  33. Evaluation of the Norwegian Aid Administration’s Practice of Results-Based Management
  34. Return in Dignity, Return to What? Review of the Voluntary Return Programme to Afghanistan
  35. Evaluation Series of NORHED: Evaluability Study
  36. Realising Potential: Evaluation of Norway’s Support to Education in Conflict and Crisis through Civil Society Organisations
  37. Civil society under pressure : Synthesis study of evaluations of Civil Society Organisations’ democratisation and human rights work in Southern and Eastern Africa
  38. Pathways to global impact
  39. Evaluation of Norway’s support to women’s rights and gender equality in development cooperation
  40. Country Evaluation Brief: Nepal
  41. The Norad Programme in Arts and Cultural Education : a Mid-Term Review of the Programme Period 2006-2008/9
  42. How to engage in long-term humanitarian crises: a desk review
  43. The quality of reviews and decentralised evaluations in Norwegian development cooperation
  44. International tax agreements and domestic resource mobilisation: Norway's treaty network with low-income countries in Africa
  45. Local Perceptions, Participation and Accountability in Malawi's Health Sector
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